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We know the best way to achieve the greatest return on investments are working together because we headed to the same destination. We face market challenges that may arise in the course to a successful investment.

Global sovereign bonds

Debt instruments emmited by countries through their respective Central Banks quoted and traded on international markets. They can be emmited in various currencies and pay fixed or variable coupons semiannually or annually. These emissions are rated by international rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s and / or Moody’s. The note awarded to each broadcast will agree with the ability to repay the obligations assumed by The issuing State.

Corporate Bonds

Debt instruments emitted by private companies to obtain financing of its operations. They have higher returns compared to bonds emmitted by the State, which brings with it greater risks. Usually pay semiannual interest with maturities of short, medium and long term.


Stocks are equity securities that represent que representan the fraction by which the investor participates in the capital stock of a company. Rent is variable therefore is unknown a priori the profitability will get the business.

The return that it is payed by equity investments is called dividend and payment dates are not predetermined.

When an investor buys shares of corporation on the stock exchange it becomes a part owner of the company. Among the fundamental shareholder rights are found the right to participate and vote at meetings, participate in profits and in the remainder of the settlement in the case of dissolution of the company, overseeing the management and have preference in the subscription of shares and in convertible negotiable bonds.

If you want to recover the money invested at a given time, the stock should be sell in the secondary market at the price the market is willing to pay for that action.

When a corporation shares stocks in return receives funds to such issuance, then the shares can be traded in secondary markets several times. In these successive transactions the company has no income product thereof. The company only receives new revenue when it decides to increase its capital and make an emission of new shares

Preferred shares

Have economic and political elements that differentiate and give privileges over ordinary shares or common shares. They can give their holders the right to receive a fixed dividend and / or percentage of profits and / or priority in repayment of capital upon liquidation.

Among the political elements is found being able to choose the number of directors. Preferred shares may be deprived of the right to vote, except in the ordinary assemblies, where the company is in default in complying with the agreed rights, in an extraordinary meeting to consider resolutions or amendments that entitle the recess, which implies that the partner may withdraw from the company in certain circumstances.

Preferred shares can become a hybrid financial instrument that in some cases may adopt comparable behavior to a debt instrument and others to common stock.

Another feature of these instruments is that they generally have incorporated an option to repurchase by the issuer at a specified price and from certain date specified in the indenture, thereby increasing reinvestment risk instrument, why which is required to have higher return than other fixed income instruments.

Investment funds

Investment funds are instruments that gather savings from different people in order to provide participants with higher returns than would obtain separately. Investments that are part of the funds cover a wide range of options. We found bonds, stocks, fixed-income securities, derivatives and even other investment funds or a combination thereof. Bonds seek to take advantage of economies of scale, providing participants access, liquidity and prices, which would not normally be available to individuals.

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